Lace is one of our favorite fabrics in daily life. However, do you know what is embroidered lace trim? Hereby, we would like to share with you something about Embroidered lace.

What is “Embroidery” and Lace mean?

Embroidery is one of China’s outstanding national traditional handicrafts while Lace first appeared in the United States. The production of lace is a very complicated process. It is made of silk or yarn according to a certain pattern. Unlike some traditional Chinese laces, it is hooked or embroidered. Today we would discuss embroidered lace with you.

What is Embroidered lace?

A series of embroidery processes are made on the fine cloth and hexagonal mesh fabric to make through-hole drawings, such as cutwork, net embroidery, intarsia and so on. Based on this technique, needle-embroidered lace and new burnt-out lace are produced, that is what we call Embroidered lace. Nowadays, embroidered lace trim is mostly produced by machines when it refers to garment accessories.

Why do we choose Embroidered lace?

Compared with other types of laces, embroidered lace has a three-dimensional effect, which is usually done by machine. There are many kinds of embroidery patterns, they are embroidered and exquisite, with realistic images, rich in the artistic sense and three-dimensional.

Water-soluble lace is one of the typical types of embroidery lace in the market. The biggest difference between the water-soluble plate and the normal lace is that it can not “see what you see” as the ordinary plate making. After it is finished by the machine, it has to go through a “boiled” process, making it out to be the water-soluble plate.

According to this to the topic, I believe that you have a certain understanding of lace and have fallen in love with it. Embroidered lace can not only make our garment look better but also make life better!