Today we will tell something about Eyelash Lace Trim

Lace trim is a kind of fabric made by a machine or by hand. There are many types of lace trim in the market like Chemical Lace, Stretch Lace, Embroidered Lace, Eyelash Lace, Tassel Lace and so on. However, do you know what is eyelash lace trim? Hereby, Raidy would like to show you something about it.

Why we call it eyelash lash lace?

Eyelash lace is a common fabric that belongs to lace. Compared to other ordinary lace, it has whiskers on its edges just looks like eyelashes. So we call it eyelash lace. It is no doubt that such pretty lace trim is ideal for both dressmaking and craft projects. In our daily life, eyelash lace is widely used at Sleepwear, wedding dress, bodysuit, and lingerie since it is elegant and beautiful. with an eyelash lace trim, your dress will become more instant sex-appeal and high touching.

How to take care of your garment with eyelash lace trim?

How to wash clothes made of lace fabric has also become one of the problems,  that many people pay attention to, because it is easy to destroy the whole garment if not properly washed. Make clear that Lace is made of 100% polyester, or half polyester and half cotton. Try not to put it in the washing machine. If you wash lace clothes at home, we suggest you put the lace in the laundry bag and wash it with a neutral detergent. However, it is recommended garments with too much lace trim that had better send to laundry or hand wash. After washing, iron the clothes with low temperature which helps save the extension of lace in good condition as well as keep the lace pattern in good shape.

Lace Trim plays an important role in woman’s clothing especially dress garment. If you want your garment look more upscale, exquisite and elegant, exquisite and temperament, why not add some eyelash lace element?